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Consultation fees (Current 24/06/22)

Initial Consultation with Specialist (F004) - $185.00

Subsequent Consultation (F014) - $105.00

Payment is required in full on the day of your appointment and can be made via EFTPOS. Patients are able to claim private health insurance rebates on their consultation fees.

Surgeon's fees

Quotations for surgery are provided to patients on an individual basis following consultation with our specialist and will vary according to what procedure(s) is required. Discounts are provided to patients who require multiple procedures to be performed at the same time.

Private health insurance rebates are available on the podiatric surgeon's fees and the exact out-of-pocket expense will vary according to your health fund and level of cover. Please note our surgeon is not a gap-free provider for any health fund. Payment of these fees are required to be made prior to your date of surgery and can be made via EFTPOS, cash, credit card or EFT. 

Hospital fees

Hospital fees relating to your admission for your procedure include fees for accommodation, theatre, consumables and prostheses. You may incur out-of-pocket expense for your hospital admission depending on your health insurer and level of hospital cover, however in the majority of cases your private health fund will be billed directly for these fees. Patients may be required to pay an excess if they are being admitted to hospital and will be provided with an estimate of any expected out-of-pocket cost prior to the date of surgery.

Our surgeon operates from several private hospitals and day surgery facilities and will discuss which setting is most appropriate for your procedure. If you are self-funded and do not have private health insurance, our team will take this into consideration when booking your procedure and ensure that it is done in the most cost effective way to minimise your out-of-pocket expense. We have negotiated discounted rates for uninsured patients at several of the facilities we operate from and are happy to provide this information to you up-front if you are considering having surgery.

Anaesthetist fees

Surgical procedures are often performed in conjunction with an anaesthetist who will bill you directly after your surgery. Their fees are generally billed on a time basis and an estimate of their fees can be provided to you prior to your procedure.

Rebates for podiatric surgery

Podiatric surgery is a standard clinical category across all Gold and Silver Hospital products as of July 2018. This means that private health insurers are required to pay costs relating to accommodation and prosthesis in full if you are on one of these products. Patients who have bronze or basic hospital products may not be eligible to receive benefits for their hospital admission as podiatric surgery is excluded on these levels of cover.


Please note there are no medicare rebates for podiatric surgery.

Our practice administration can provide you with a list of funds which provide comprehensive cover for podiatric surgery and are happy to assist with any queries you may have regarding your surgery fees.

Self-funded patients and payment plans

We are pleased to provide services to all patients regardless of whether or not they have private health insurance. Fees can either be paid up-front in full, or via a payment plan. Our staff are able to assist you in arranging a payment plan via Medipay if required. This service can allow for all aspects of your surgery to be paid for in full.

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