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Correction of Flat Feet

& Fallen Arches

(HyProCure Procedure)

HyProCure is a proven treatment for the treatment of flat feet and misaligned feet

The revolutionary procedure has the potential to provide a permanent solution to address pain and dysfunction caused by flat feet and fallen arches and may be considered as a first line alternative approach to other traditional surgical treatments which are highly invasive and irreversible in nature. Dr Andrew Knox (podiatric surgeon) is one of only 3 Certified HyProCure Surgeons located in Western Australia that is qualified to perform this procedure by the product manufacturer GraMedica (see:

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How Does the HyProCure Work?

The HyProCure is a small titanium stent which is designed to be inserted into the ankle area and acts like an internal orthotic for the foot. The stent allows for abnormal foot movement (excessive pronation i.e. rolling in) to be controlled effectively at the source of the problem, rather than relying on external force control (such as in orthotics, orthopaedic shoes and ankle braces).

The size of the stent is determined individually for each patient during the procedure and this will depend upon on the arch profile and amount of motion control required. The purpose of the HyProCure is not to eliminate movement in the foot altogether, but it is designed to help reduce any excessive movement so that foot can function optimally.


Once the HyProCure is implanted, it is designed to remain there permanently. It does not need to be replaced (like orthotics), because it is made from titanium and which does not wear down or lose effectiveness with time if positioned correctly.

What Are the Benefits of the HyProCure?

The HyProCure procedure can assist in restoring function and improving foot posture in people who suffer from flat-feet or collapsed arches, without the need to wear orthotic supports. Secondary benefits include reduced strain and pressure on the structures of the foot such as the plantar fascia, heel, and tibialis posterior tendon, preventing collapse of the arches and redistribution of forces underneath the foot.


This procedure is often recommended in patients who suffer from one or more of the above conditions and may be suggested as a primary treatment, or in conjunction with other treatments.

Hyprocure is highly successful and boasts a 94% success rate with minimal complications reported in literature. It is a reversible procedure and can be removed if required without causing any long-term adverse side effects. 

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Recovery after Hyprocure Procedure

A typical patient journey after Hyprocure surgery at our practice is documented below for reference. Please note that these milestones are taken as an average and some individuals may take longer to recovery from surgery.

  • 1st post-op day to 1 week - Dressing and post-op sandal in place. Rest and elevate foot. Restrict activities to home only. 

  • 1 week - Stitches removed. Transition back into sneakers. Apply compressive bandage and commence range of motion exercises. 

  • 1-2 weeks - Return to work OK if office based. Driving short distances OK. Upper body exercises OK.

  • 2 -4 weeks - Gradually increase time spent standing on feet. Low impact exercises only e.g. walking, cycling, swimming.

  • 4 weeks - Progress review with surgeon. Stent generally stable. Patients OK to commence heel raise exercises. Continue compression.

  • 8 weeks - Progress review with surgeon. Higher impact exercises OK. Continue compression. 

  • 12 weeks - Progress review with surgeon. Activities generally unrestricted. Minimal swelling at this time usually.

Am I A Candidate for the HyProCure Procedure?

Potentially anyone who struggles with flat feet, fallen arches, excessive pronation (rolling in), or pain relating to poor foot mechanics is a candidate for this procedure. This procedure can be performed on people or all ages and for a variety of foot conditions. We recommend booking an appointment to see our specialist for further advice to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Your consultation will involve a physical assessment of your foot in conjunction with an x-ray being taken. Other aspects including your general health and fitness to recovery from surgery will be assessed and discussed by our surgeon and anaesthetist prior to your procedure.

Case Patient: Surgical Procedure Video
Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 1.09.38 PM.png
Case Patient 2: Before & After Hyprocure Procedure

Before & 6 weeks after procedure.

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Case Patient 3: X-rays Before & After Hyprocure Procedure

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Please note:

This website is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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