Our Specialist

Dr Andrew Knox BPodM, DClinPod, FAAPS

Andrew Knox is registered as a podiatric surgeon and podiatrist with AHPRA and provides specialist advice and surgery for foot and ankle conditions from our clinics in Perth. He is able to offer patients advanced diagnosis and treatment approaches to help manage from the simplest of corns, through to advanced reconstructive surgery for established foot deformities. 

Since commencing practice in 2011, Andrew has had extensive experience in providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle conditions both locally and abroad. In addition to working in Australia, he has spent significant time overseas completing additional specialist training in both the United States and in China. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Podiatric Medicine and a Doctorate of Clinical Podiatry from the University of Western Australia, and Fellowship with the Australian Association of Podiatric Surgeons.


Andrew is viewed by colleagues as an industry leader in the development of minimally invasive foot surgery in Australia and was the first podiatric surgeon to introduce minimally invasive foot surgery techniques to Western Australia in 2018 after completing training in the US. In addition to standard treatment approaches, he is able to offer patients a range of 'keyhole' procedures which can be used to correct problems including bunions, flat feet, heel spurs and hammertoes with significantly less downtime after surgery in comparison with traditional methods. 

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"I aim to provide patients with an open and honest opinion and help get them back to the activities they enjoy."

Throughout the past 10 years of working career, Andrew has helped literally thousands of patients to achieve pain-free feet and get back to the active lives they enjoy. He strives to provide patients with an open and honest opinion on their foot problem, and will do everything possible to ensure patients receive the best advice and treatment available whether that involve surgery, or non-surgical management.

Our practice is equipped to cater for the needs of all patients, regardless of their condition or health status and will ensure that your journey through treatment is as painless as possible. No referral is required in order to book an appointment to see our specialist and private health insurance rebates are available for our services.

Please call 08 9284 3872 to book an appointment to see one of our specialists for further assessment and discussion of your needs, or alternately you can book an appointment online via the button below.

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